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About Us

Random Ideas, Clear Purpose.

There's a fine line between clarity, purpose, reason and 'the way things just are'. It is this fine line that allows us to live with purpose and deep rooted confidence. 

Few today feel they live clearly formed lives with control and clarity. Are we a part of someone else's story or creating our own? 

Why So Random .com is a collection of topics and ideas that invite us to new perspectives of our profoundly unique situations. To lighten the load of projected values and expectations we carry; either to off-load what's not necessary or unlocking their purpose to empower us rather than hold us back. 

Progress is not suppression. It is the ability to look deeper and understand what discomforts us. We have the capacity to create an understanding and environment  that empowers us to live light, purposeful lives. 

To be present, to be immersed, to be clear. The roots of true confidence. 


The Journey Begins Soon

Launching Late February 2020.